Thursday, May 15, 2014

Caution Construction Ahead!

Dear friends,

We are gathered here today to mark the official ground turning ceremony of our home! The blog is getting a facelift. And ain't it time. 

For a while now I've been prancing around town looking for ways to focus my energies in an effort to become more efficient at the things I set out to do. I have found however ironically,  that the only way to focus, is to broaden my view of things. This may sound like blogetic rhetoric but it is true. 

So, in order to discover what it is I truly want do do, I will start by doing everything and let passion weed out the pipe dreams. 

Blogging is something I've always loved. The web was my introduction to writing and as it is a non-judgemental medium, I have always come here to build my confidence for more "serious" mediums. This is why I have decided to do with more fervor. Look out for our make-over in June! 

Cannot wait!

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